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Mentre disegni, KaleidoPaint riflette le tue pennellate creando un dipinto colorato che si ripete simmetricamente all’infinito.

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Ultimo aggiornamento
6 gennaio 2017 (Versione 2.8.3)
(iOS) Save Tileable Rectangle rewritten to support all 17 wallpaper patterns. Thanks to Francine Champagne for requesting this feature, testing the new version, and writing a blog article explaining how to replicate an exported KaleidoPaint rectangle in Photoshop with perfect alignment, even for the two exceptional (“oblique”) wallpaper groups.
(iOS) Saves exported images with a color profile (sRGB or Display P3) that matches the display itself.

Contatta Jeff Weeks.

Grazie a Carlo Petronio per la traduzione in italiano

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