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Two operations, Move and Turn, let you transform any Platonic or Archimedean polyhedron into any other. Play freely with the move and turn operations until you’re comfortable with them, then try game mode: pick a starting polyhedron and a goal polyhedron, and try to get from one to the other in as few steps as possible.

English, Estonian, Finnish, Japanese, Russian, Swedish
Free for personal use
Last update
19 November 2015 (Version 1.3)
(macOS) Updated for macOS Yosemite and newer (older versions still available)

Contact Jouko Koskinen and Jeff Weeks.

Geometry by Jouko Koskinen, programming by Jeff Weeks.

With deepest thanks to the translators:
Julia Oflijan, 竹内建 (Tatsu Takeuchi), Алексей Пронин (Alexey Pronin), Bengt Lundsten

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