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Cross-platform SnapPy

Marc Culler and Nathan Dunfield’s SnapPy is

a user interface to the SnapPea kernel which runs on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. SnapPy combines a link editor and 3D graphics for Dirichlet domains and cusp neighborhoods with a powerful command-line interface based on the Python programming language.

SnapPy is already the preferred user interface for SnapPea. In the not-too-distant future its capabilities should be a superset of those offered by the older Mac OS X interface (see below), at which point the older Mac OS X interface will be retired.

A revised SnapPea kernel is also available.

Mac OS X SnapPea

The older SnapPea for Mac OS X, while still incomplete, supports enough features that you may find it useful for real work. Currently supported features include: cusped census, knot and link entry, drilling and filling, symmetry group, fundamental group, Dirichlet domain and ortholengths. The even older SnapPea also remains available.

SnapPea for Windows

A. C. Manoharan has updated his SnapPea PC for Windows 7. It continues to run well on Windows XP too.

Questions? Contact Jeff Weeks.

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