Geometry Games for Android

The following Geometry Games apps for Android haven’t been updated since 2016, but should nevertheless still work fine:

Why are those apps no longer being maintained for Android?

My plan had been to offer the Geometry Games apps on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. Alas, maintaining eight apps on four platforms turned out to be a more-than-fulltime job: I couldn’t keep up with it, let alone have time for other projects like the 3rd edition of The Shape of Space or non-euclidean billiards in VR. So a few years ago I stopped maintaining the Android and Windows versions of the apps, to focus on the iOS and macOS versions. (The reason I abandoned Android rather than iOS was that programming for Android is much slower and more tedious, especially when the app’s internal mathematical code is all in C, which Android accepts only grudgingly.)

Why aren’t those apps on the Google Play Store?

The Play Store requires that apps be built at least for Android 9.0, which was released two years after I dropped Android support.

How do I install those apps on my Android phone or tablet?

Please see the page How to Sideload Apps on Android for step-by-step instructions.

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