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For younger kids: Even the youngest children create symmetrical artwork based on the 17 tiling groups. Any child who can use a mouse can use Kali. No reading required. Every work is a masterpiece!

For older kids: Diving deeper, high school and college geometry students may systematically explore the wallpaper, frieze and rosette groups. Kali’s Show Singularities command along with its Conway and IUC notation provide support for a theoretical analysis.

Arabic, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Persian, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese
Freeware (soon under GNU General Public License)
Last update
7 October 2008 (Version 5.3.3)
Added IUC notation for frieze groups and Cn / Dn notation for rosette groups (thanks to Tatsu Takeuchi)

Contact Jeff Weeks.

With deepest thanks to the translators:
شيرين حسن خوجه (Shereen Khoja), Simon Hempel-Jørgensen, Michael Wendschuh, Mario Eudave Muñoz, عباس موسوی، ساناز فرهنگی (Abbas Mousavi and Sanaz Farhangi), Nathalie Carrié, Sándor Kabai, Carlo Petronio, 和田昌昭 (Masaaki Wada), Silvio Levy, Матвеев Сергей Владимирович (Sergei Matveev), Erol Karakırık, Åsa Kronkvist, 陆四荣 (Sirong Lu)

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