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As you draw, KaleidoPaint mirrors your brushstrokes to create a beautiful infinitely repeating design.

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Francine's KaleidoPaint tutorials

Last update
8 March 2023 (Version 3.0.2)
Removes a no-longer-valid constraint from KaleidoPaint 2 that was preventing the pen from resizing correctly when the aspect ratio was set to an extreme value. Thanks to Francine Champagne for reporting this bug.
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With deepest thanks to the translators:
حمزة خليف (Hamza Khelif), Frank Lutz, Joan Porti, Roland Lehoucq, Carlo Petronio, 竹内建 (Tatsu Takeuchi)氏と澤田智宏(Tom Sawada)氏, Sebas Eliëns, Nuno Fernandes, Алексей Пронин (Alexey Pronin) and 马楚媛与邹燕清 (Clara Ma and Yanqing Zou)

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