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Torus Games
Eight familiar games introduce children age 10 and up to the concept of a finite yet unbounded universe.
iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
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Create colorful symmetrical paintings based on the 17 tiling patterns.
iOS, Android
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KaleidoTile icon
Explore polyhedra and tessellations while creating colorful works of art.
Mac, Windows
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Curved Spaces icon
Curved Spaces
Fly in a multiconnected universe (for math and physics students).
Mac, Windows
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4D Maze icon
4D Maze
Have fun solving 4D mazes (for everyone).
iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
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4D Draw icon
4D Draw
Draw simple 4D figures (for geometry students).
iOS, Android, Mac

Recent Updates

2016-07-19 Curved Spaces
(Win) Added touchscreen-compatible version for use on Windows 10 touchscreen devices (thanks to Bevin Maultsby for reporting this issue)
2016-07-16 4D Maze
(iOS) Graphics rewritten using Metal, with fallback to OpenGL ES on older devices
2016-05-21 Torus Games
(Win) Added touchscreen-compatible version for use on Windows 10 touchscreen devices (thanks to Bevin Maultsby for reporting this issue)
(Mac) A click used to enter torus-cursor mode no longer counts as part of a double-click to exit torus-cursor mode
2016-04-21 KaleidoTile
Chinese translation added, thanks to Tangsheng Jiao
2016-04-01 KaleidoPaint
Android version added
(iOS) HSB color picker (thanks to Herman van Boeijen for requesting it)

Other Resources

Kali icon Kali
Children of all ages create beautiful art based on the 17 tiling patterns.
Move & Turn icon Move & Turn
Transform any Platonic or Archimedean solid into any other.
Hyperbolic Blanket icon How to Sew a Hyperbolic Blanket
Step-by-step instructions for sewing a hyperbolic surface from fleece.
Hyperbolic Games icon Hyperbolic Games
Play Sudoku, Pool and Maze on hyperbolic surfaces (for undergraduate geometry classes).
SnapPea icon SnapPea
Create and study 3-manifolds (for researchers).

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